Work With Me And Other Agency Owners To Quickly Solve Your Most Complex Agency Challenges


Join a group of fellow agency owners with similar challenges and spend time each month working on team structure. pricing, sales process, project management, client engagement models, improving profits, and other mission-critical issues.


Work With Me In A Cohort

Video Conference Technology for AgenciesEach agency owner joins a cohort of fellow agency owners. You’re welcome to join an existing cohort and jump right in or wait for a new cohort to start from the beginning.

Every month, we meet on the same day, at the same time, on a video conference call. This allows you to schedule time to work ON your business instead of IN your business. 

There are currently THREE (3) different types of cohorts so everyone can find what they need to grow their agencies.

Basic Agency Cohort 


Ideal for agencies who are dealing with growth-related challenges. If you’re having trouble closing new clients, generating your own leads, hiring the best people, deciding on pricing, agency structure, and leaving project work behind this is perfect for you. 

Below is a sample of the 12-month program we work through in this Cohort. 

This Cohort Includes:

Session 1: Goal Setting, Core Values, Mission, and Vision -Key building blocks that helps almost every aspect of the agency

Session 2: Sales and Sales Process - If you can't get new clients at a fast pace, you can't grow

Session 3: Building The Agency Marketing Machine - How to fuel your own inbound marketing to grow the agency

Session 4: Structuring New Client Engagement - Setting your team and your client up for success

Session 5: Setting and Managing Pricing For Profit - The key to making sure you're charging enough to grow

Session 6: Analytics and Metrics for Clients - What to track, how to track, how to report, and how to show value to clients

Session 7: Managing The Agency - How you, as the owner, need to manage your team

Session 8: Hiring, How, Who and When To Hire - Everything you need to know about hiring A-players

Session 9: An Intro to Points Based Pricing - How to set it up, talk about it and use it to control over-servicing and profit optimization

Session 10: Expanding Services To Help Clients Grow - Help clients close the leads you're getting them

Session 11: Working With Partners – Technology and service partners that can help you scale your agency

Session 12: What’s Working, What’s Not, and An Action Plan For Improvement - Review of the year and an action plan for our agency

Click here to register for the next Cohort.  Dates and times for this Cohort are flexible depending on the people who sign up. This program is $399/month.


Advanced Agency Cohorts

For agencies that have advanced challenges and advanced questions. This 12-month program includes workshop sessions and is typically only for 5 to 7 agencies. Here is a listing of the sessions we cover in the Cohort. This program is $399/month.

Session 1: How To Install Continuous Improvement At Your Agency – It's The Difference Between Success And Failure
Session 2: How To Predict Performance For Your Clients – A Methodology And A System
Session 3: New Services Clients Are Asking For in 2023 – Training, MOPs/SOPs, Video, Buyer Journey Mapping, Intent Data
Session 4: Handling Challenging Clients – Communication, Rhythms, Setting Expectations, Reporting
Session 5: Client Advocacy – How To Check In On Clients, Get Reviews, And Keep Clients Forever
Session 6: Advanced Points-Based Pricing, How To Use Points-Based Pricing – Selling Points, Delivering Points, And Using Points To Drive Profits
Session 7: Using Video To Transform Your Content Creation Services - Delivering Video Efficiently And Cost Effectively
Session 8: Making Technology A Cornerstone Of Your Services - Services, Pricing, And Profits From Tech Stack Services
Session 9: Driving Net Profit – How To Go From 2% to 20%
Session 10: Getting Your Agency To The Next Level – Leadership Teams, Scalable Hiring Practices, Performance Practices, Communication, Culture 2.0
Session 11: Teaching Your Team Analytics - Data and The Science of Marketing And Sales
Session 12: Your Exit Strategy - Building Your Agency To Sell It

If this sounds like you, click here to apply for the next Advanced Agency Cohort. 

Agency Mastermind Group

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Looking for something more issue or challenge-specific? The Mastermind Group might be right for you. Each month we process real issues from agency owner members.

This gives you actionable advice you can use in your shop the same day and the other members hold you accountable for the actions you say you'll take. It's like having your own advisory board of agency experts. For more information and to sign up for the Mastermind Group, click hereThe Mastermind Group is $199/month.