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What I Saw, What I Heard, And What I Learned At Inbound 18

Posted by Mike Lieberman on Sep 13, 2018 10:50:24 AM

Every year thousands of agency owners and their teams make their way to Boston. Some have been coming for years. This was my eighth Inbound. When I first came to Inbound back in 2010 there were 300 attendees in a few rooms at a hotel downtown.

A few of us were remembering how much fun it was to have the entire conference and all the HubSpot people, including Brian Halligan, go from bar to bar on their annual Inbound Bar Crawl. That was a good time.

This year there were so many people that the conference has spilled out of the conference center and into adjacent hotels. Even Partner Day had to be moved to an entirely new facility. It is great to see old friends, new friends, clients, prospects, prospective new partners and all the crew from HubSpot.

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Going To Inbound 18? How Inbound Agency Owners Can Turn Attendance Into Growth

Posted by Mike Lieberman on Aug 29, 2018 7:37:00 AM

In just a few days agency owners from all over the world will start their pilgrimage to Boston for Inbound 18. The annual lovefest for everything inbound. But being an agency owner and attending Inbound isn’t what it used to be.

Gone is the Agency Track and the Agency ONLY sessions. Even Partner Day, the first unofficial day of inbound is mostly dedicated to HubSpot sharing new product and pricing announcements. The days where agency leaders had a chance to share what they’re doing with other agency owners is no more.

No point in crying over spilled milk, but if you're an inbound agency owner and you’re heading to Boston here’s how to make the most of Inbound and get what your agency needs to push up to the next level.

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