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Why Inbound Marketing Agency Owners Need To Help Clients Set Marketing Budgets

Posted by Mike Lieberman on Dec 6, 2016 3:32:00 PM

As inbound marketing agency owners, perhaps the most important question you need to ask your prospects and clients is, “What is your marketing budget for this year?” However, the answer typically opens a consistently problematic conversation which can potentially make or break your ability to be successful.

The reality of most businesses is that they DON”T have an inbound marketing budget or if they do, it’s a wild ass guess. Responding to your question exposes a lack of proper planning, making them uncomfortable. To deal with that feeling, they respond with “We’d like you to tell us what our budget should be or we have a budget, but we’d like to see what you come up with first.”

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Inbound Marketing Agency Clients Want LEADS! Here's How To Deliver

Posted by Mike Lieberman on Mar 17, 2016 6:00:00 PM

You know I like to answer common questions with this blog and you also know that I like to use those questions as a basis for content strategy. One question that I almost never get but I know you all want to ask is “How do you get leads for your clients?”

If you’ve spoken to me personally and asked me this question, you also know that most of the time my answer is, “You already know what to do, the tactics are all the same, we all do exactly the same thing, we just do it in a different way.” So after all those vague and side stepped answers, I’ve decided to lay it all out for you, step by step. I hope you’re not disappointed.

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Strategy Is A Missing Ingredient In Most Inbound Marketing Engagements

Posted by Mike Lieberman on Jun 1, 2015 2:00:00 PM

I have regular contact with five or six agency owners ever single week and what I see more often than any other challenge is an agency’s inability to add detailed marketing strategy to their inbound marketing engagements.

Don’t get me wrong, almost every agency is charging for, selling and delivering marketing strategy, but this isn’t the kind of marketing strategy required to move the needle with inbound engagements.

It’s not hard to see where the problem is, after all, most agencies practicing inbound marketing today used to do something else. They used to build websites, or handle public relations, some did pure branding and others focused on search engine optimization.

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