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Posted by Mike Lieberman on Oct 5, 2017 7:17:00 AM

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Agency Week Is Back And New Inbound Agency Coaching Cohorts Are Launching

Agency CoachingAfter a whirlwind week of sessions, conversations, meeting, product launches and parties, Inbound 17 is behind us. Back to work at our agencies. Now we face the real challenges. How do we grow our agencies? How do we make them more profitable? How do we decide what services to offer and most importantly, how do we make sure our agencies are differentiated?

This is not easy work folks. This is heavy lifting. What I can tell you from running a growing agency for over 15 years is that this work never stops. Even agencies like Square 2 Marketing have challenges we’re working on every single day. How to be more profitable, how to close more new clients, how to get current clients even better results and how to make sure prospects know exactly why they want to do business with us.

Over the weekend there was a little dust up at regarding HubSpot’s role in helping us and whether they’re stepping up to the plate. I commented that it’s not HubSpot’s job to help us, it’s our job, as a community to work together and help each other. HubSpot wants to sell software, not grow agencies.


Agency Week Is Back

With that in mind, some of you might be aware that we’re bringing back Agency Week. Three years ago, Square 2 Marketing hosted 10 agency owners in our offices for a week. They came to client meetings, internal planning, management team, weekly huddles, daily stand ups and company all-hands meetings.

The response was fantastic and I’ve been fielding requests to do it again for years. The timing of inbound, and our own growth have made it difficult, but Agency Week is back and we’re taking applications as we speak. If you’re interested, click here to apply. I’ll be making a decision by the end of next week.


Groups Are Available In All Shapes And Sizes

Inbound Marketing Agency CoachingThe cohort format has been very effective, just ask anyone who’s been in the program. Their agencies are growing, they’re tackling issues and their hitting their goals. I heard form one Mastermind Group member that he landed the Lufthansa account. This is a great achievement! Another member  told me he just became a Gold Partner with HubSpot.

The Mastermind Group is growing quickly, but there are a few seats available. That group will be capped at 10 seats to make sure every person gets value each and every month. The New Business Development Cohort is also growing quickly and that might close out this month or next.

I do have room to launch a New Agency Cohort for agency owners looking for guidance and support around the core concept of growth and scalability. I’m also open to launching a new Advanced Cohort to focus on more advanced issues like Agile, Sales Enablement, Profitability and Acquisitions. If you're interested in any of the Cohort Groups, click here.


Not Everyone Likes Groups

I get it, not everyone wants to be in a group and not everyone likes group coaching. There are a handful of one-on-one slots currently available where you and I set the agenda and we talk only about your agency and your challenges.  We will come up with solutions that move you forward. If this sounds more like you, let me know and we can discuss schedules, investment and session topics.

The answers you seek are right here in front of you. They’re not in books, videos, sessions at inbound or in the heads of your HubSpot CAMs. The information, advice and guidance you need is with the other agency owners you know and trust. Leverage this community and take full advantage of the mistakes we’ve made, the changes we’re planning to make and the improvements that drove our growth.

If you start now, you can have a stronger 2017 and the best 2018 ever.

Inbound Marketing Agency SupportStart Today Tip – Doing what you’ve been doing is going to produce the same results. Doing it over and over again, but expecting different results is the definition of insanity. If you don’t do something different, nothing will change. Get help, get guidance, start making changes, and while it might feel uncomfortable, it’s going to produce better results if you stick with it, iterate and continue to work on innovating your agency, the services you provide, your team and the story you tell your prospects. You can have a $10 million dollar agency, you just have to do things differently.

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